Roman E.Glazman
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The Oceanography Legend

Roman E.Glazman

the author of pioneering works in Physics that made Wind and Ocean Energy possible

72nd birthday anniversary | 6/26/1948

as the most humble man, my dad was modest about his discoveries. One of the five founders of the Oceanography team at NASA, my dad joined NASA/JPL in 1985, when the team was in its infancy, with Bill Patzert a Research Scientist and Lee-Leung Fu, a Technical Writer. Joining the same year, David Halpern and Victor Zlotnicki, together they comprised the five pillars of the team that led Oceanography for the next 20 years- the span of time in science that proved to be the most pivotal not only for Oceanography, but for humanity, with developments in Ocean and Atmosphere that are termed as climate viability, change, turbulence, dynamic, variation, vorticity and the terms for describing the colossal and at times cataclysmic phenomena of our Oceans and Atmosphere.

Having experienced Oceans first-hand, my dad walked the path of Oceanography from taking measurements in the Arctic Sea and off the coast of Kamchatka in the 70s to performing observations in satellite imaging and ocean measuring technology at NASA on missions including Topex-Poseidon, Galileo, OST-Jason. He invented and shaped the field of Oceanography, trailblazing the depths of the unknown and defining and calculating the properties of the Ocean and its interdependencies with Atmosphere, setting the scientific foundation and trends. His early research included Wind theory, which is at the foundation of Wind Energy development today.

It's not just my dad's brilliant mind and his dedication to Oceanography that I'm proud of. It's his being the most awesome dad, the most fun grandpa, the best friend to his colleagues, the strongest and the toughest, fair and real.

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