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Roman Glazman, circa summer 1986

I. Baroclinic Inertia-Gravity Waves
II. Bubbles Oscillations and Adsorbed Film
III. Equatorial and Meridional Components of Rossby Solitons and Waves
IV. Long Internal Gravity Waves Dynamics and Transport
V. Magnetic Field Induced by Ocean Currents
VI. Mathematical Wave Properties of Ocean and Wind Waves
VII. Passive Scalar Transport and Fluctuation
VIII. Sea Level Measurements and Techniques
IX. Sea State Bias in Altimetry
X. Sea Surface Geometry, Fractal Properties
XI. Surface Wind and Wind Speed
XII. Spectral Analysis of Waves, Equilibrium Spectrum
XIII. Wave Turbulence and Turbulent Diffusion
XIV. Wind-Generated Gravity Waves and Surface Gravity Waves

Stochastic Models in Geophysics

The Ocean Surface
Non-Linear Variability in Geophysics
Fractals in Natural Sciences
Nonlinear Waves and Weak Turbulence
Stochastic Models in Geosystems
About the Book: Abstract Scale-dependent Ocean Wave Turbulence
Glazman, Roman E.

This IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications STOCHASTIC MODELS IN GEOSYSTEMS is based on the proceedings of a workshop with the same title and was an integral part of the 1993-94 IMA program on "Emerging Applications of Probability."; We would like to thank Stanislav A. Molchanov and Wojbor A. Woyczynski for their hard work in organizing this meeting and in editing the proceedings. We also take this opportunity to thank the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the Army Research Office, and the National Security Agency, whose financial support made this workshop possible. Avner Friedman Willard Miller, Jr. v PREFACE A workshop on Stochastic Models in Geosystems was held during the week of May 16, 1994 at the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications at the University of Minnesota. It was part of the Special Year on Emerging Applications of Probability program put together by an organizing committee chaired by J. Michael Steele. The invited speakers represented a broad interdisciplinary spectrum including mathematics, statistics, physics, geophysics, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, fluid mechanics, seismology, and oceanography. The common underlying theme was stochastic modeling of geophysical phenomena and papers appearing in this volume reflect a number of research directions that are currently pursued in these areas.

Stochastic Models in Geosystems Table of Contents
Year 1st published: 1995
Editors: Molchanov, S.A.
Woyczynski, W. A.
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